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(Updated : Jul/23/2018)
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HS CODE 382499
M.O.Q 2,000 pieces
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
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3.5ton ~ 10.5ton vehicle


Greenixx is a greenhouse gas reduction additive that is added to the radiator coolant of vehicles running on fossil fuel for decreasing level of Sox, Nox, etc., contained in the smoke or exhaust gas by realizing complete combustion of the fuel.

Greenixx directly operate in explsive combustion before the exhaust gas emission.

So engine achieves nearly complete combustion thereby inhibits generation of hazardous exhaust gases. As a result, achieves improved fuel economy, horsepower up,too.

Increased the horsepower of the increasing engine combustion efficiency and cleaned up exhaust gas products that have been realized.

Such as in addition to fuel and oil supplements, or works outside the engine by far-infrared and magnetic energy.

However, Greenixx pay attention to circulated engine’s combustion chamber coolant.

Originally, it makes the engine’s cooling effect.

If you put the Greenixx in it, original action and action increased the burning rate of the engine.

Therefore, coolant is transformed into a new it.

This works lead to the engine’s original power and the movement, while the complete combustion of fuel.
Consequently Greenixx realizes energy conservation and purification of exhaust gas.

p.s. Many countries are suffering from smog like China, India, Vietnam etc. The main cause of smog is emission(PM) from vehicles. 

Greenixx is the only product that can solve this problem regarding environmental issue.


Advantage:It is simple enough for women to inject.

Product effects:
1.Savings in fuel 10~20%
2.Reduction in soot 30~80%
3.Noise reduction 5~15db
4.Improving output 10~20%
5.Reduction in static 70~80%
6.Antibacterial action
7.Greenhouse gas reduction 10~30%

Greenixx has been registered in both korea and foreign patents.                                           

Manufacturing Country: Republic of Korea

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person chuongkyo shin
Address www.gnx.kr
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/greenixx--EC101420
Tel 0428622070 Fax 0428622071
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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