plastic hygienic insect elimination blue-color(Pd No. : 3037329)

(Updated : Jul/03/2015)
product information
Model Nm CAT-B
HS CODE 392490
M.O.Q 500 pcs
Keywords interior, fly, cat, insect, hygienic
Seller ID yaong79go

 1. Product Introduce

Hygienic insect elimination_ When eliminating insects, it does not damage dead insects, so germs are not released in the air. Also, when killing insects, it is hygienic because it does not leave any marks of dead insects on the floor or the wall.

Safe use_ There is no concern about electric shock or hazardous substances because it catches and kills flies using their flying patterns.

Unique design_ It is in the shape of a cute character, so it can be used as an interior item to decorate the room not just as an insect eliminator.

Comfortable rest_ In the part of ears of the product, there is a replaceable aroma air freshener. So, it provides the comfort with delicate and soft scent in the room

2. Use

Make the room fragrant~_ Place small and cute CATch.B on the bookshelf on regular days. It is a unique interior item, and soft aromatic scent coming out from ears of the cat makes the space more affluent.

Turning into the eliminator when an insect appears!_ If a fly appears, push down the tail quietly. It will be turned into the cleanest flyflap in the world. Just swing it over the fly sitting on the floor. Don’t forget you can remove gross cockroaches hygienically with a bug pan.

Just note flying patterns of flies._ Flies jump upward 5-8cm first and then move for flying. herefore, if you swing CATch.B over a fly, you can catch it in the air. Don’t you believe? Check the video on catching flies with QR code!

Shaking a catching container, Bye bye flies~_ A fly is caught in the catching container after passing a check filter. Now, separate the catching container and shake it. A killing hammer in the catching container kills the fly cleanly without damaging the dead body of the fly. Open the lead and remove all in it into a trash can, and then everything is perfectly completed!

3. Features

■ Hygiene and safe flyflap_ Unlike existing flyflaps killing flies by pressing them, it is a new concept hygienic insect eliminator, CATch.B, eliminating flies by suction using flying patterns of them. It does not cause the contamination in all the process of eliminating them. Also, it uses physical characteristics not chemical or electrical characteristics to catch insects, so it can be used safely at home with infants and children.

■ Unique interior item_ CATch.B with a chic character design is a unique interior item not just a simple insect eliminator. Also, ears of a cat with an aromatic air freshener can be replaced periodically, and they always fill the room with the beautiful scent.

■ Final excellent idea of the 1st Creative Economy Town_ A new concept hygienic insect eliminator CATch.B was selected as the final excellent idea of the 1st Creative Economic Town. A new concept hygienic insect eliminator CATch.B recognized by the Korean government was developed through various government support business projects.

■ Patented technology_ Core technology of the project is a check filter to control insects coming in and out with its own elastic force and air resistance. It was already completed with the registration of the patent. (Patent no. 10-1436098)

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Company Information

company information
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Company yaong79 Co.,Ltd.
Address 55, Hanyangdaehak-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Business Incubator 55
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