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(Updated : Mar/17/2016)
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Bagel is a smart tape measure that offers an array of size measurement and analysis solutions. Users can measure objects' length in three different ways using Bagel's string, wheel, or ultrasonic sensor. Data can be sent to smartphones via Bluetooth, along with text tags for each measurement created through voice recognition. Bagel allows users to easily analyze their size data and will also provide applications in various areas such as fashion, healthcare, and home improvement.

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Bagel Labs is a young tech startup that focuses on building a big data platform based on various size data. Originally formed as 'Team Bagel' in June 2015, Bagel Labs was incorporated in January 2016 shortly after the prototyping of its first smart tape measure, Bagel.

In less than six months into product development, Bagel Labs was acknowledged for its ideas and technology, winning numerous awards including a grand prize in the K-Global Startup IoT Awards. In February 2016, Bagel Labs debuted globally at Mobile World Congress and received a lot of global attention as well, including PC Mag that selected Bagel as one of their favorite smart home gadget.

We are constantly looking for business partners who can work with us in various areas. If your business needs a smarter way to measure size or distance, please contact us. We can make size measurement experience much easier for anyone in the world.

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company information
Contact Person Park, Soohong
Company Bagel Labs Co., Ltd.
Homepage www.bagel-labs.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/bagel-labs--EC118143
Tel 01032573633 Fax
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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