S-200 Rescue Drone, V-100 Patrol Drone(Pd No. : 3054071)

(Updated : Apr/01/2016)
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Model Nm S-200, V-100
HS CODE 880211
Keywords drones, rescue drone, industrial drone, surveillance drone
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-Drone type rescue purposed dropping device, wireless remote control available multicopter can access to swimmer in danger of drowning
-High definition camera sends on-time accident sequence video data which can be utilized for structural analysis for taking post-actions
-10 times faster speed saving system compared to ideally suggested golden time (4 minutes): transporting lifeguard vet, life ring and life rescue equipment

-Capable of water proximate flight and gimbal function designed to give high quality shooting(4K level, UHD) and flying without camera vibration or shaking respectively.


-Monitoring Drone(V-100) is specialized for aerial recording, monitoring and patrolling.
-Available Aerial shooting photography and video via multipurpose camera with a wide-angle lens. Available flight in high winds and rainfall.
-Monitoring the infrastructure that have difficulty doing visual inspection : nuclear facilities, bridge and large sized building
-Red tide, jelly fish and rip current occurrence prevention aimed monitoring

-Monitoring and voice signaling illegal fishing, fire and illegal assemblies

Through the cutting edge technology, life saving behaviours would be changed dramatically in various circumstances especially in marine or water situations. To save the victims more efficiently and effectively, the drones would be the most important mean.

The drones' application within actual industries are unlimited and its value will be approximately over 20000 million USD (Source: BI Intelligence). In the new era of market, the drone platform system will be a key element and the SOOMVI will open the gate of your ideas for new business opportunities.

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