Magneto-Rheological Fluid, MR Fluid, MRF, Damper, MR Damper,Shock Absorber (Pd No. : 3057066)

(Updated : Feb/07/2017)
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Model Nm MRC Series
HS CODE 382490
Keywords Magnetorheological Fluid, MR Fluid, MR Damper, Shock Absorber, Suspension, Magnetic Ride
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Magneto-Rheological Fluid (MRF) Solution: MRC Series 



MRC Series is the world best Magneto-Rheological Fluid (MRF) solution generated from the unique formulation technology of CK Materials Lab.  Applying the optimized formulation of oil, magnetic particles and various functional additives (thixotropic agent, thickener, surfactant, anti-wear agent, etc.), MRC Series is proven to improve the key features of MRF such as yield stress, viscosity, sedimentation stability, wear resistance, thixotropy and thermal stability. 




MRC Series has two product types- MRC-C1L optimized for linear type damper system of various vehicles and MRC-C1R for rotary type damper system of transmission devices and brakes. Upon requests, CK Materials Lab also provides customized Magneto-Rheological Fluid (MRF) that fits right into the customers’ needs.   



















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company information
Contact Person Hyeong-Jun Kim
Company CK Materials Lab Co., Ltd.
Homepage www.ckmaterialslab.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/ck-materials-lab--EC119156
Tel 023136797 Fax 0220386690
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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