Wearable SleepDoc Sleep Disorder Insomnia Smart Band Mult-color (Pd No. : 3059695)

(Updated : May/08/2018)
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Wearable Band Sleep Doc Treating Sleep Disorder

You can get a restful sleep if you change your behavior slightly!! Get coaching from Sleep Doc.

Sleep Doc is?

By analyzing a behavioral pattern of the day and night sleep, the Sleep Doc service gives a planning and coaching of sleep hygiene activities for a good night’s sleep. Thus Sleep Doc is an approach of a new paradigm, a wearable band for improvement from sleep disorder Sleep Doc induces sound sleep by improving a psysiological symptom which is a root cause of sleep disorder.By making analysis of the amount of a day and night’s light, light’s temperature, and the sleep tracking information, the product can coach a user, so that it can provide the sleep cognitive behavioral plan and improve the sleep hygiene activities in order to induce good sleep. 



Sleep Doc Development motivation

Nowadays, many people are suffering from, sleep disorder like insomnia, and, mood disorder like depression. You can see this, on the market analysis charts, of sleeping industries in USA, and here in Korea.The causes of these disorders could be diverse. But, the main one is surely, "circadian rhythm", which is broken by, industrialization, urbanization, and irregular lifestyle.Just for your reference, circadian rhythm is, a daily cycle of activity, observed in many living organisms, including human beings.To solve the problems, of the above disorders, we JM smart, launched our Sleep Doc, last fall, and have upgraded it, persistently. Of course, there are already lots of devices, to seek to, treat sleep disorders, in the markets. However, most of them are, just "bed time solutions", which is definitely red ocean. Therefore, we should expand our paradigm into "non-bed time solution", which is our Sleep Doc, and, which will be blue ocean soon.


Sleep Doc has four advantages.

First advantage is, sleep quality monitoring, and, sleep cognitive activity improvement planner.

Second is, a real-time coaching algorithm, for sound sleep, to be based on, illumination, light temperature, and activity.

Third is, taking care of sleep disorders, with family and friends, by sharing "Sleep Care" app.

Fourth and last one is, IT system, to check out biological rhythms, by making use of, the accumulated big data.


Sleep Doc key features

- It adopted a coaching algorithm of sleep hygiene behaviors based on the amount of illumination of day and night,amount of activity and light temperature

- A planner monitoring sleep status and sleep cognitive behaviors

- Depending on the data collected, sleep doc will coach with vibration and LED.

- Sleep Doc manages health and shares your life style to family, friends, and also your lover(Sleep Care Service)

- With Sleep Doc, you can operate groups by managing and monitoring in PC for free.(Communicare, a postnatal care center, retirement village, senior center, sanatorium, recreational facilities, managinggrowing youth etc. www.sleep-doc.com)

1. It predicts the quality of sleep by using the information of people’s daily lives such as amount of illumination of day and night, amount of activity and light temperature that control psychological symptoms for a sound sleep.


2. It gives coaching through LED light and vibration (digital family doctor) after selecting the most proper time for sleep hygiene behaviors. 

3. It functions to track sleeping status and send it to a smartphone.


A planner monitoring sleep status and sleep cognitive behaviors

1. It analyzes abnormal sleep or sleep disorder based on the data acquired by monitoring sleep status of the previous day.

2. It provides a cognitive behavior treatment plan for a sound sleep on the day used.   

3. It improves sleep hygiene behaviors and gives coaching.

4. It sounds an alarm when detecting abnormal sleep or sleep disorder.

Directions to Use Sleep Doc

Analyzing the amount of activity

1. Connecting device and smartphone with Bluetooth 2. Analyzing the amount of activity in the day and night  3. Finding factors that disturb a sound sleep and give real-time coaching

Analyzing the amount of illumination

1. Analyzing light temperature and the amount of illumination 2. Analyzing the amount of sunlight during the day and illumination during the night 3. Finding factors that disturb a sound sleep and give real-time coaching

Real-time coaching for a restful sleep

1. Providing coaching for sleep hygiene behaviors based on analyzed data 2. Analyzing factors that lead to sleep disorder with data provided by the device

Download Sleep Doc application with your smartphone after Sleep Doc is delivered.

Video instructions for use: Please visit our website for detailed instructions for use.



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