FRABONE-H, Bio-ceramics, Synthetic Bone Substitute, Particle, white(Pd No. : 3063022)

(Updated : Dec/14/2018)
product information
Model Nm FRABONE-H (1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
HS CODE 902190
M.O.Q 1g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 30g
Ceritification NET
ISO 13485:2016, CE (in progress)
Keywords bone graft, artificial bone, Synthetic bone, dental, orthopedic
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[Company Introduction]

1. History


 • INOBONE Co. Ltd. was established

 • Agreement with SoonChunHyang University (SCH) for co-research and development of

    bone substitutes


  • INOBONE and SCH to co-develop bone substitutes


  • Successfully developed bone substitute FRABONE

  • Obtained KFDA approval/permit for FRABONE

  • Obtained KGMP approval/permit from KFDA


  • Obtained NET-99(New Excellent Technology) award from KMHW

  • FRABONE launched in the market

  • Obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification


  • Obtained NET-124(New Excellent Technology) award from KMHW

 2. Vision

  Aims to become the leader of bone substitute developer in the global medical market

3. Business Model

1) Develops various innovative bone substitutes

2) Owns Core Technologies

- Nano bio-ceramic powders (HAp, BCP & TCP)

- Micro-structure control of Bio-ceramics

- Surface modification and high functionalization of Bio-ceramics

3) Human Bone Mimic Design Concept

FRABONE® comes in 0.7mm,1mm, 2mm and 3mm sizes to efficiently fill-up any shape and size of bone defects.

[Product Description]

FRABONE is an innovative synthetic bone substitute that features micro-channels mimicking the strength and porosity of natural bones to provide faster bone regeneration.

[Product Features]


 FRABONE®-H has a unique design including 100 to 300 micropores that mimic the harversian canal structure of the human cortical bone which provides angiogenesis and nutrients through spaces between the granules and canals of FRABHONE®-H, which is essential for new bone growth. FRABONE®-H is innovative bone graft substitutes which overcome the inverse relationship between compressive strength and porosity of the existing bone graft materials. FRABONE®-H coated with hyaluronic acid has strong viscosity to enhance user's convenience.

Intended Use:

FRABONE®-H is a bone void filler intended for use as a synthetic bone implant material for orthopedic, dental, plastic surgery and neurosurgery applications as a filler for gaps and voids that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. FRABONE®-H is indicated to be packed gently into bony gaps or voids of the skeletal system, ie extremities, pelvis, femoral head, periodontal, oral, craniomaxillofacial and spine including use in posteriolateral spinal fusion procedures with appropriate stabilizing hardware. These defects may be osseous defects created surgically or from traumatic injury to the bone. 

FRABONE®-H provides a bone void filler that resorbs and is replaced during the healing process.

Advangages of FRABONE and Particulars;

  - Human Most similar to bone in composition, mechanical, strength and porosity

  - Unique Design-mimicking Structure, The Haversian Canals

  - Highly biocompatible and bioresorbable

  - Tailored to bone grafting in the Apply Easily-service mark of Various-sized bone defects.

The Information the For The More, Visit Millipore Millipore: www.inobone.com

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Park Yong Sang
Address 22,Soonchunhyang-ro, Sinchang-myeon, Asan-si, Chungnam, Korea
Homepage inobone.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/inobone--EC104260
Tel 0415347595 Fax 0415347596
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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