4M semi submarine boat, Safe and easy underwater ride for family(Pd No. : 3066773)

(Updated : Sep/05/2018)
product information
Model Nm PENGUIN1.0
HS CODE 890392
M.O.Q 1 unit
Ceritification CE
CE certificated by Lloyd's register
Keywords boats, semi submarine, ships, water activity, yacht boat, family excursion, glass bottom, yacht
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[Company Introduction]

PENGUIN helps anyone to explore undersea easily and conveniently without having to swim. There are not complicated control or operation. Anyone can easily control and operate PENGUIN. Also, you can enjoy fantastical view under the sea comfortably with family or lover together.

Experience new world under the sea with Penguin Ocean Leisure!



[Product Description]

Who knows unless one dive into the sea?

You can discover the miracle of the ocean with PENGUIN!

PENGUIN is a compact semi-submarine for leisure and it offers tourists underwater rides without any equipment. This product has been developed entirely with our technology over numbers of years.

WITH your family, love and friends!

PENGUIN hopes anyone can have unforgettable memories in the water. It shares the pleasure with everyone regardless of swimming skill, age and health condition.

Feel free to enjoy the ocean with safe PENGUIN!

PENGUIN obtained CE certification through Lloyd’s Register. It passed self-inspection and close examination as the achievement of HLB’s whole technology manufacturing lifeboats over 40 years. 

[Product Specification]

- Dimension : 3970 x 3540 x 2860mm

- Light weight : 4350kg

- Boarding person : 4 person (2 for cabin)

- Voltage : 48V

- Running time : 8 hours running / 10 hours charging

- Packaging details : 1 unit in a 20FR container / 2 units in a 40FR container

- Delivery time : shipped in 90 days after payment


Q1. What is compact semi-submarine?

A. Existing semi-submarine can hold mainly 20-40 passengers on board at the same time. It made a situation in which people stayed in a confined and tight space and feel uncomfortable and you can watch routine courses that an operator defined. But only family or couples can board on Compact Semi-submarine and then you can operate it by yourself and see any place which you want to see like a snorkeling. By default you need to swim to some extent and have a risk of burns due to ultraviolet radiation in order to snorkel, but you can see underwater safety and comfortably without and risks.

Q2. What is the material of the window?

A. Acrylic material is the best for underwater viewing. Mainly it is used in producing aquarium and has highly transparency. (Clear: 92% light transmission) Because it has a UV protection function as time goes it does not have yellowing effect which changes the color of acrylic.

Q3. Do I need a special license or training before driving?

A. Not really, You can easily operate it rather than regular boats. It would be good, if you learn a simple basic education before boarding, For example, how to operate it and what to do upon emergency.

Q4. What are the delivery times for the PENGUIN?

A. It depends on the quantity of ship to order. Since PENGUIN is not sold for private, it depends on the quantity of ship to order, but it usually takes 3~4 months after order.

Q5. I would like to have a special option on the submersible that is not listed on your website or brochure. Is this possible?

A. Yes, it is possible. It depends on the location and purpose of use and you can change it partially but you will have to fully explain the requests in advance.

Q6. How do you provide against the risk of marine transport accident?

A. Against unexpected accidents during the shipping, it is insured for 110 percent of the net price with ACE American Fire and Marine Insurance Company Korea.

Q7. What can I do if it is broken down on the sailing PENGUIN?

A. Sailor can find out the cause of the trouble through the error code, so he/she can handle the situation. All the main components are designed to be replaced easily. It contains sufficient spare components : including motors, batteries, control boxes and others.

Q8. Is there maintenance program upon the bulky order?

A. Yes, we provide the maintenance program for PENGUIN. Specialists will visit on a regular basis to check up equipment and give a support for maintenance if necessary.

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Jawoo Kim
Company Penguin Ocean Leisure
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/penguin-ocean-leisure--EC099284
Tel 0234534484 Fax
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