3D full cover anti-shock screen protector for Galaxy Note7, Galaxy S7(Pd No. : 3068852)

(Updated : Dec/16/2016)
product information
Model Nm Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 edge
HS CODE 392690
Ceritification Team Korea Products RoHS
Rohs, ISO22196
Keywords full cover screen protector, screen protector, anti shock, anti shock screen protector, Galaxy Note
Seller ID amshield


[Company Introduction]

Bioshield is an antimicrobial screen protector manufacturer which is established in July 2011. We are certified by SIAA and ISO22196 for antimicrobial thus our antimicrobial screen protectors are antimicrobial effective and safety issues are concurrently assured.

The main product is '3D forming curved screen protector'. It is the world's first curved screen protector with optical PET. We started to research and develop for 3D forming technology since 2012 with Galaxy S3 and till now(Galaxy S7 & edge, and iPhone 6S/Plus). We keep working on 3D forming for the new curved smartphones to make the most perfect full coverage screen protectors. 

The main export countries are USA, Thailand and China.The main domestic malls are SKP (T store), Shinsegae mall & E-mart, Lotte mall and more. We are growing up in both of domestic and overseas as a 3D forming screen protector manufacturer.

[Product Description]

It is made of urethane(TPU) material and it is soft (flexible) enough to be applied on any shapes such as curved or edges which means it can be applied on curved devices like Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7/edge and iPhone6S/Plus. It of course covers the whole surface of the curved devices perfectly and also protects the devices from the external shock. Usually, urethane(TPU) screen protector is not used for front screen protector but is used as full body protector (sides and back) because of its low quality, but BIOSHIELD TPU screen protector has better quality than those normal TPU screen protectors and it is good enough to be used for front side.

[Product Features]

Important features

·AFP coated (anti-fingerprint)

·Non yellowing (it does not turn to yellow-ish while general TPU turns to yellow after a certain time of use)


·2H hardness (anti-scratch)

·Better feeling of touch (as slip agents used, it gives better feeling than general TPU)

·Higher transmittance

Available Models

·Galaxy Note 7

·Galaxy S7 & edge

·Galaxy S6 edge / Plus

·iPhone 6S/6

·iPhone 6S/6 Plus

·LG G5

Company Information

company information
Address B203 Saerom Hall, Gachon Univ. ,Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Homepage www.bioshield.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/bioshield--EC068126
Tel 0704352852 Fax 0317510851
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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