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(Updated : Feb/23/2017)
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Business Contents (Key Products, Technology, Market Competitiveness, Etc.) 

Product Features
1. The pot handle is removable so that it can be easily combined without any manipulation whereas the conventional method cannot, and it is the first detachable handle to be used in diverse way—one hand, both-hand and round handles.

In addition, the body is installed with a small round bracket, resulting in good and lightweight design.

2. Made of silicone material, The lid handle is detachable so that the handle does not get hot, convenient to separate in the one-touch way, and effcient because the lid can be used as a dish when removing the handle.

3. In terms of not only the function of the handle, but also the weight and the storage, we have launched a product that any manufacturer in the world could not think of.

Key Technologies
1. Pot handle: When lifted without any manipulation, it is combined with a snap ping sound.
When lowered down while pressing the PUSH button, it is detached and the hole in the PUSH switch is made smaller than the thumb to protect the spring even under unreasonable force.

The V-shaped groove of the handle is blocked at the bottom so the pot cannot be disconnected. 

2. Lid handle: It can be easily removed simultaneously by pushing the button on the upper part even while the pot is hot since the handle uses the principle of absorption.

Technology Development Process and Substitutional Differentiation
Pocket Dream products are compatible products. From product development to production, there is compatibility between the current product and the future product, and every time a new product is released, we will be able to increase the value of existing products by more than a hundred times and will be trusted by existing customers. (Currently, all products such as table tent burners have been developed.)

Pocket Dream's goal is to make the world's lightest, good-for-storage, and practical product, and we strive to be the best brand at home and camping leisure field around the world (one packing takes care of everything, including camping, kitchen storage and arrangement).

Quality Improvement
The spirit of Pocket Dream continues to stride for perfection.

We will make ceaseless innovation.

Technology Development
We have developed dozens of products such as home cookware and camping equipment and are working on complementing the product design productivity.

Technological Competitiveness
For decades, our competitors' products have relied heavily on product advertising and marketing with similar shapes of the products and without innovative changes. And if they compete with low-priced Chinese products, their technology development efforts would not be enough.

The prices are also expensive (eg, tableware + bag, cup + bag, copel + bag = price).

We boast that our innovative method is superior to that of our competitors in terms of quality, price, and technology, etc.(For example, our integrated-type product,
which does not require the individual management of a bag, packaging, etc., thereby reducing the cost).

Business Plan (Product Development Plan, New Business Plan, Sales Plan, Etc.)
We are planning to release home pots and domestic vacuum pots based on our existing patents, and we are thus currently working on the molds.

The sample production is scheduled for December 29, 2016.

We expect to launch home pots and home vacuum pots in April 2017 and in October2017, respectively. When we launch the products, we will be able to open our stores at department stores and plan to promote and sell the samples free of charge through TV home shoppings around the world.

Pocket Dream's products not only have original design features but also are made for convenience.

Also, they are patent-protected, making them more competitive than those of other companies.

We expect our sales to rise to billions to tens of billions in KRW depending on the home shopping and other sales plans. 


[ Company introduction ]

Founded Sep 26, 2014     

Industry Manufacturing, wholesale and retail

Main Products Household pans, camping goods

Website www.poketdream.com

Headquarters Yeonggwang Building 201-ho, Jungangbuk-ro 123, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

Sep 2014 Established the company Jan
2015 Issued a rights offering
Oct 2015 Registered patent for the long handle (for camping)
Oct 2015 Registered patent for the lid handle
Oct 2015 PCT international patent(the long handle(for campping)
Oct 2015 PCT international patent(the lid handle)
Oct 2015 PCT international patent(the long handle(for homes)
jan 2016 Registered patent for the long handle (for homes)
Jul 2016 Launched shopping mall and conducted sale
Sep 2016 Developed household pots
Set 2017 Expect to launch household pots

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Oh,kuen sik
Homepage poketdream.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/poket-dream--EC124444
Tel 0267410034 Fax 0267410035
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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